Control Card full color HD-D16

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HD-D16 is a smallest video control card for full color LED screen, the maximum load capacity is 40,960 pixels, the widest is 640 pixels, the highest is 128 pixels, come with Wi-Fi module, mobile APP wireless management, it can support optional 4G module, Internet remote cluster control, it used extensively for lintel led screens, car screen and full color small size led screens.
General specifications of Sander Box HD-D16
Standard Wi-Fi module, mobile App wireless management;
Support 256~65536 grayscale;
Support Video, Picture, Animation, Clock, Neon background;
Support word art, animated background, neon light effect;
U-disk unlimited expansion program, plug in broadcast;
No need set IP, HD-D16 could be identified by controller ID automatically;
Support 4G/Wi-Fi/ and network cluster management remote management;
Support 720P video hardware decoding, 60HZ frame rate output.


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