Control Card U60 - Hub 75

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General specifications

type of connect


Internal memory

32 MB

Usage mode


Output hub type

Hub 75

Supported module

full color

Control via


Operating system required


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Using the control card, you can set up different types of LED displays. Since fluent panels or city TVs are produced in different dimensions and different uses, various control cards are needed to set up these displays. . The control cards used in the construction of the flow chart are called the monochrome control card or the flow chart control card, and the control cards used in the construction of the city TV are also called the full color control card or the city TV control card. .

Control cards are divided into two general categories: online control card (synchronous) and offline control card (non-synchronous).

For additional information, you can also see the control cards and get acquainted with their types.

If you pay attention to the name of this control card, you will notice that the end of it says HUB75, which is a sign of having a Hub 75, but perhaps the point you did not know is that this Hub 75 has several series that W60-HUB75, W62 -HUB75 also includes these items, or in short, if we want to say that every control card that has HUB75 at the end, that is, uses Hub 75, it should also be mentioned that all of these series have a USB port and Wi-Fi for You can also use the connection.

Among the features of this control card, we can mention the following:

Display text and image and temperature and time
More than forty types of text effects
Support for text animations
Supports a variety of fonts
Support for Excel forms
Adjust color and font position freely
Light sensitive sensor
Timer support for switching
Supports brightness adjustment to reduce manual light / automatic dimming according to the sensor


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